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It was the old generation or old saying to decide how is the housewife by looking at the house. Today is the generation which the same saying has been altered with a housewife or a family can be judged based on the home appliances present in their house. Yes, the prominence of the home appliances has become in such a way. Brands like Whirlpool has bagged rave reviews from the public. However, Whirlpool Service center in Hyderabad has huge in/out of customers. Which creates less availability of staff to service their appliances. This is the reason why ak techno service has emerged with the motto of serving the customers with the right and genuine service. As what they are expecting.

Holding the conditioned home appliances is never so easy. As due it might go faulty at any time because of regular wear tear. Even we like the old stuff very much. Most of us don’t want to go to retros by having cold water from those old clay pots. Instead of tasting in those super chilled, fridges. Every brand has it its own characteristics and uniqueness. Whirlpool is obviously one of the finest brands that offer most requiring options for the public.

In case of issue arise in any Whirlpool branded home appliance. We will obviously contact for Whirlpool service center in Hyderabad for finest repair. With a thought of they can have the better understanding of their appliance as it is theirs. But, the time has changed in such a way that. Everyone is eying on the customer’s money by charging on every known and unknown issues. Among the list, Microwave oven is also most responsible for serving tasty and steamy filled food.

Whatever, the problem you’re facing with your lovable appliance. Whether it is a failure of a control panel or compressor. Whether it is the regulator or main motor. We at ak techno service has comprehensive solutions for every home appliances issues. We hold the prominent numbers of experience in dealing with the issues of our customers home appliances. You just need to log on to our website and raise a ticket with us. With dedicated ticket number, you’ll ticket will be escalated to concerned teams. And our tech guys will contact you for your comfortable timings to diagnose our appliance.

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